People first.

Plena Global was founded with the vision of a world where high-quality cannabis is accessible to all patients who need it to maintain or improve their quality of life. We will achieve this vision by putting people first – patients, partners, employees and communities.

Our Story

To solve the cannabis supply problem, putting people first is paramount.  

The first plant in the ground, January 2019

Medical–grade cannabis will continue to transform patient care. In 2017, Plena Global was founded to deliver on this promise.

Along the way, we have kept people at the center of our enterprise and have engaged with partners who share our core values. When we acquired Colombia-based Econnabis, we were drawn to its visionary founders. 

We brought together top-level talent from local communities and around the globe to create a global powerhouse in cannabis supply. Our employees are our greatest asset. By offering benefits, such as medical care and family forward policies, we foster economic security in small communities and provide opportunities for residents to actively participate in enhancing the prosperity of their local community.

Plena Global is becoming the world’s premier business-to-business medical-grade cannabis supplier. We want the people who live in the places we operate to benefit as much as the patients our plants ultimately serve around the globe.

Our Mission

To establish a dependable seed-to-wholesale supply chain system for high-quality cannabis raw materials so that licensed producers, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, and distributors worldwide have the supply-chain certainty they need to produce high-quality cannabis products at scale for their patients and customers. 

Our Vision

A world where high-quality cannabis is accessible to all patients who need it to maintain  or improve their quality of life. 

Our Core Values

Our core values  guide our actions and inform our decisions across all aspects of our operations. These are our aspirations as a global B2B cannabis supply  company  and what we strive to demonstrate as an industry leader. 


We consider quality to be at the heart of  all  our efforts, holding ourselves accountable to the highest product and service standards.


We work together, across disciplines and jurisdictions, to meet the needs of our customers, stakeholders and communities.


We strive for excellence in all matters of moral and ethical  conduct and  are diligent in our compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 


We bring value to customers, stakeholders and communities, and run our company in a way that upholds important socially responsible policies and practices. 

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