Colombia regulates the industrial use of cannabis

Febrary 22th, 2022   Resolution 227 of 2022 This Sunday, Colombian President Iván Duque announced the approval of new legislation to regulate the use of medical cannabis in foods, drinks, and textiles as well as to clarify the requirements for exporting dried cannabis flower for medical purposes. Government resolution 227 of 2022 further develops Decree 811 of 2021, which was approved last year regarding the process of obtaining cannabis licenses, obtaining quotas for producing controlled substances, and more important guidelines details regarding the safe and informed access to cannabis, cannabis derivatives, and cannabis products. Specifically, the Decree 811 of 2021 paved the way for the export of dried flower for medical use and for veterinary use of cannabinoids, CBD food supplements, and hemp products. In a similar way, the Government hopes to make it easier for companies to access hemp seeds, plant-derived ingredients, cannabis flowers, derivatives, and finished products for scientific, medical, or industrial uses with the new resolution. “This resolution opens all the space for the production of cannabis. It is a regulation that national and international producers have been waiting for a long time,” said the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz. The Decree, according to the Ministry of Health, defined the protocols and mechanisms for the export of dried cannabis flower, as well as the scope of its industrial uses. Meanwhile, the recent resolution, “allows, defines and establishes all the mechanisms and procedures for the industrial use of cannabis in sectors such as food, beverages and also textile uses, defining, of course, that these uses have to do with the non-psychoactive component”. President Duque also pointed out that before one month the regulation of quotas and tariffs must be concluded, which will allow meeting the demand of the national and foreign market for products with this component. “Progress has already been made in credits for small and medium producers, these credits continue to be developed through the Agrarian Bank, where cannabis producers are also provided with all the issues of currency management, monetization, and marketing from Colombia,” he said. For his part, Fernando Ruiz Gómez, Minister of Health, warned that this regulation is important for the safe development of the industry and the actions of the different actors in the sector, such as the National Narcotics Fund. “Very important the different sanitary provisions that must take place by Invima, with good manufacturing practices, and all the labeling and packaging requirements, are fundamental for the entire industry’s progress.”  

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