A reliable supply partner for high-quality cannabis at scale
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The Plena Promise

Quality is at the heart of all our efforts. At Plena Global, we hold ourselves accountable for the highest product and service standards. We are committed to cultivating, producing and delivering high quality cannabis raw material products and services that conform to customer requirements and strict product specifications.

A reliable business-to-business cannabis supply partner.

Plena Global is a B2B cannabis production company supplying high-quality medical-grade cannabis to licensed producers, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and distributors worldwide. 

Bringing the supply-chain to our partners worldwide.

At Plena Global, we are committed to providing our partners with the high-quality cannabis supply chain security they need to meet their evolving and growing customer demands.

The perfect combination of genetics, environment, and expertise.

We grow, process and distribute high-quality cannabis raw material using our formula for success: world-class plant genetics, optimal equatorial climate, state-of-the-art facilities, and high performing experts and leaders.

“Plena Global is focused on developing a stable and consistent global supply-chain for high quality cannabis at scale. This means applying the highest quality and compliance standards to cannabis cultivation and production, and maintaining a commitment to excellence that ensures our customers receive the best cannabis products.”

Richard Zwicky, CEO Plena Global

A Tour of Plena Global's Facilities

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Licensed Facility in Columbia
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Organic Farm Facility in Peru
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Eligible for registration with ICA
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Collective Medical Cannabis Experience

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