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Plena Global Holdings Inc. Key Milestones Achieved: First Cannabis Harvest in Colombia & Shipment to Canada

Plena Global Holdings Inc., announced today that it has completed its first harvest and extraction at its subsidiary outside of Bogotá, Colombia, and that yields are significantly higher than forecasted. Over 1,000% of 2019 production, and over 100% of 2020 capacity already under offtake Offtake committed to licensees in Germany, Israel, Canada, across LATAM, the…

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Plena Global Prepares Medical Cannabis Investment in Peru

On February 23rd, the government of Peru published the regulations that will govern both the application and production of medical cannabis inside the country. These regulations are among the most developed in any market globally, and enable Peru to position itself as a leading cultivator and supplier for the world market, while simultaneously providing effective,…

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Canada’s Grand Cannabis Experiment – New York Times

With 95-years of prohibition, there is very little that we know about cannabis due to restrictive research—most of it from short-term studies and anecdotal observation. The Cannabis Act that was passed in Canada on October 17 has replaced a system that once treated researchers like alleged drug dealers and given them the opportunity to explore…

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