Quality guaranteed.

Our world-class agronomists are committed to extracting the cleanest grade of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids in accordance with the highest quality standards and product specifications.

Our Cannabis Plants Are:​

  • Cultivated in state-of-the-art greenhouses or outdoors with controlled irrigation
  • In accordance with global Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (“GACP”) standards
  • Selected from the most suitable female cannabis plants which are optimized to the growing conditions
  • All plant material is Non-Genetically Modified Organism (“Non-GMO”)
  • Monitored and tracked during the entire process from planting to harvesting, from drying to storage and transportation, resulting in complete traceability

Our Cannabis Products Are:

  • Expertly manufactured using raw materials of the highest quality with specific cannabinoid profiles
  • Utilizing extraction methods, which are in the process of becoming Good Manufacturing Practice (“GMP”) certified
  • Thoroughly analyzed to meet our rigid quality control standards and product specification

Our Product Offerings

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) dominant flowers and biomass (below 1% THC)
  • Produced in accordance to GACP guidelines
  • Only available in Colombia for B2B


  • Cannabis extract (crude, dry ethanol), 40-60% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • Cannabis extract (crude, dry ethanol), 20-30% THC: 20-30% CBD hybrid
  • Sold as a Narcotic Raw Material

  • Distillate of 70-90% THC
  • Sold as a Narcotic Raw Material

  • Pure >95% CBD Isolate
  • Technical Grade

Cannabis sourced Cannabidiol (crude, dry ethanol), carefully formulated, refined, and standardized with high quality MCT oil (Medium-Chain Triglycerides):

  • Plena CBD Gold 5 (CBD 5%, THC 0.0%)
  • Plena CBD Nutra 10 (CBD 10%, THC 0.2%)
  • Plena CBD Nutra 15 (CBD 15%, THC, 0.2%)


Standardization range +/- 10% of the value declared on the label

Customized Standardization Available with Bulk Requests

  • Manufactured in one of Canada’s GMP and Health Canada approved facilities
  • Produced with the highest quality and most competitive pricing in mind

  • Product customization available upon request
  • Sales and strategic partnerships

Both a Certificate of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheet (“MSDS”) are included in every shipment

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