Plena Global CEO participates in panel at U.S. Cannabis Conference and Expo

On August 4th, Plena Global CEO Richard Zwicky participated on a panel at the U.S. Cannabis Conference and Expo in Miami, Florida discussing “Investing in Cannabis: In the US and abroad”. Richard was joined by representatives from Springbig, INDUS Holding Company and Phyto Partners.

The panel focused on findings from recent cannabis reports which claim that the cannabis industry is still an emerging niche for stock market participants and that the market has not yet fully matured. The panelists also discussed the potential activity in the wake of the Secure and Fair Enforcement Act, or S.A.F.E Banking Act which, if passed, could open the door to broader legalization and increased investment activity in the cannabis space.

After some discussion on the increase in thorough diligence surrounding private financing in the United States, the panelists turned their discussion to the ever-increasing demand for high quality cannabis products.

As it stands today, the market is under supplied when it comes to reliably produced, high-quality, medical grade cannabis products. Given the high costs of production in most locations, it will remain cost prohibitive for most to produce cannabis to the standards and quantity required for medical purposes. While the demand for cannabis products continues to increase, the panelists concluded that the market will remain under-supplied until affordable and reliable solutions can be found.

Reflecting on the conference, Richard had this to say: “The panel provided a 360° perspective on the current state of the industry, financing, and opportunities. The panelists where fantastic and the conference content was top-notch for anyone participating in the industry.”

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