Plena Global Prepares Medical Cannabis Investment in Peru

On February 23rd, the government of Peru published the regulations that will govern both the application and production of medical cannabis inside the country. These regulations are among the most developed in any market globally, and enable Peru to position itself as a leading cultivator and supplier for the world market, while simultaneously providing effective, low cost treatment to Peruvians dealing with a broad variety of conditions.

The people of Peru have been among the most pro-active regarding the medical benefits of cannabis for the treatment of serious medical conditions such as epilepsy, psoriasis, seizures, nerve pain, arthritic pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, and more. Following public demonstrations in favor of the benefits of the drug, the country passed the law to legalize cannabis for medical purposes back in 2017.

The publication of the regulatory decree approval establishes the legal framework for the production and management of medicinal cannabis. The framework also makes it possible for Peru to enjoy an early-mover position in the global medical cannabis trade while benefitting the local economy via large-scale job creation and infrastructure investment from the development of the carefully-regulated industry.

In the lead-up to this historic announcement, Peruvian officials have been working with scientists, doctors, and the Canadian medical marijuana company Plena Global Holdings to ensure the country can benefit from an effective transition to a regulated industry that operates at the highest standards of medical cannabis regulation worldwide. The extended period of time between signing of the law legalizing medical cannabis, and the adoption of the regulatory framework overnight, was effectively used by the government of Peru to ensure a thorough framework for industry operations was established. Plena has also used the time to work collaboratively with leading Peruvian agri-industrial firms to enable a rapid entry into the production of medical cannabis.

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Pictures: Richard Zwicky CEO of Plena Global Inc and associates present at the Presidential Palace in Lima Peru for the signing of the Act legalizing medical cannabis in November 2017.

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