Plena Global’s Founder, Richard Zwicky, Recognized on Green Entrepreneur

Green Entrepreneur, a subset of, recognized Plena Global’s founder, Richard Zwicky, in a profile published both in English and in Spanish. Zwicky, a Canadian entrepreneur who has worked in the small-business and online marketing sectors, shifted his focus towards medicinal cannabis when he saw the benefits of its products and the challenges with their accessibility, first hand on those close to him.

Driven by the shortage of high-quality cannabis complying with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) globally, Zwicky hopes to generate a stable and standardized production of medicinal cannabis. The lack of a global standard means that much-needed medicinal cannabis products found in one market can’t necessarily be found in another market at the same quality. This discrepancy is something that Zwicky and Plena Global hope to eliminate.

The benefits of medicinal cannabis are significant. Zwicky’s ability to understand this is what drives Plena Global ever more forward. Plena Global now has more than 1.2 million square meters of cultivable land and an ever-expanding team working to grow high-quality cannabis in South America. With the debate over the decriminalization of medical use still present in South America, Plena Global has put the local communities first. Zwicky emphasizes the importance of creating these bonds to ensure that local communities do “not see [Plena Global] as a foreign company that was just establishing itself to simply take profits.”

Zwicky’s passion and vision are leading Plena Global to the forefront of the medicinal cannabis industry. Zwicky’s advice to entrepreneurs: “find something that you are passionate about, that is a real problem and that you can try to solve for other people.” Read the article in full on

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